Championship Rules

Each of the sponsoring events will donate FIFTY dollars for each division, Street Legal, Street Mod, FWD Mod, 4000 Open, 2.5 Work Stock Diesel, Street Diesel, and Improved Stock. ($300)

Each driver pays a one-time fee of FIFTY dollars for each division they want to sign up for.

There will be NO REFUNDS once the first event starts!

This money will be paid out in addition to any of the events own payouts.

A current WWTP inspection sticker must be affixed.

Points will be awarded in the following manner:

Points shall be awarded based upon the finish position of the vehicle for each weight class, 5800 & 6200 class

Hook points only will be given for any disqualification that happens on the track. 0 points for any disqualification that happens off the track, i.e. speeding or drinking and etc.

Show up points are 15 points for classes that pull 6200 only. 30 show up points will be awarded to classes that normally pull 5800 and 6200 when the event is 6200 only.

When a non points truck places it will not take points away from the trucks in the points If he got 1st place, and you got 2nd place, you would receive the  points for 1st place.

Each truck must throw out/or not attend one event during the season. If you make all the events that are for points, you may throw out your worst event. An event is both weights in that class at that pull location.

In the event of a rain out only trucks with drivers physically present and signed up will be awarded points.

In the event of a sled malfunction and a the truck unable to return to pull again, show up points only will be awarded.

Show up points are awarded only if the entry fee has been paid for that class. (Exception is the rainout rule)

Anyone who fails to comply with tech officials/refusing tech will be disqualified and awarded zero points for the event. These points will not be used as the event that can be thrown out.

Tiebreaker (End of Events)

If the end of event points race result in a tie, the following formula will be used to break the tie.

Using the greatest number of 1st place wins will break the tie. If a tie still exists, 2nd place finishes, 3rd place finishes, and so on will be counted until the tie is broken.

In the case of weather or sled breakage if the class can't be finished, hook points will be given, and place points given only if the class payout is paid.


WESTERN WISCONSIN TRUCK PULLERS reserves the final authority to settle any questions or disputes regarding point awards.

Payout will be paid out at the fall drivers meeting.