General Rules

1.The GENERAL RULES are not Class Specific and apply to all attendees. The rules are also in addition to the park rules.

2.Contestants must be 18 years of age. 16 and 17 year olds must have parents written permission.


4.Vehicles must be FOUR WHEEL DRIVE in all classes except TWD trucks.

5.Contestants must pull at assigned position within 3 minutes of time the sled is ready.

6.Officials may move contestant to last position due to mechanical trouble.

7.Maximum height of hookup and pulling point cannot exceed 26" to top of drawbar.(Unless rules for that class state otherwise)

8.Drawbar must be ridged in all directions (may be adjustable). Hitch will be measured at the hook point.

9.All pulls must start with a tight hitch. No jerking of the sled. Two consecutive attempts to start the sled will be allowed if not pulled beyond 100 feet on first attempt. All pullers must furnish their own clevis or 3" hook hole.

10.No weight may extend more than 60" forward from the centerline of the front axle.

11.Must have wheels on weight bracket that can support the truck.

12.Automatic disqualification for any weight falling off while hooked to the sled.

13.All vehicles must have working brakes.

14.No dual wheels (except in diesel classes where specified), chains, studded tires, or welded shocks allowed.

15.Pull will be disqualified if vehicle runs out of bounds.

16.Vehicle must stop immediately upon signal from track flagman.

17.Any weight protest to pulling vehicle must be made before vehicle leaves the track.

18.A pull official must be present at the scale. All trucks must be weighed with driver.

19.Helmets must be worn in all classes including stock.

20.Driver must wear a seatbelt or restraint system.

21.No passengers allowed in any class.

22.No nitrous oxide, methanol, or LP will be allowed in any classes.

23.Trucks will be inspected at the beginning of the season and during the season.

24.The pull officials will govern contest after consulting with the Executive Council with all decisions final!

25.No fuel tanks, pumps or lines in the driver compartment in all classes unless factory installed.

26.Must have functioning kill switch and a automatically engaging reverse light within 18" of hitch, starter operation is only allowed in park or neutral,

27.Must have 360-degree drive shaft loops in the middle and each end of each shaft and 360 degree shields completely covering the u-joint for all power delivering shafts. Total of 5 loops or fully enclosed shaft.

28.Loops and shields must be able to retain and all moving parts of drive shaft, u joints, yokes, slip joints etc., no cast material allowed for loops or shielding, no welding to cast housings, no threaded rod or rebar may be used in loops or supports, loops and shielding must be strong and secure and of quality workmanship and is the responsibility of the owner for maintenance and proper performance.

29.Must have SFI approved bellhousing on clutch. SFI approved shield on automatic transmission body and have SFI flexplate and shield. SFI label is an inspectable item, and must be exposed.

30.Must have Harmonic balancer shield, 360 degrees, plus-straps to prevent forward movement, or SFI approved damper.

31.Must have fire extinguisher mounted within reach of driver.

32.Driver must be in drivers seat when engine is running.

33.Must have motor side shields if fender liners are removed, vehicle must have radiator, grill or mesh in front on motor.

34.Must have Pickup box, hood, fenders, doors, windshield, rear window as class required. Seat belt must be worn.

35.Must have a complete firewall, steel, aluminum, or lexan. Only holes allowed are that for controls and wiring.

36.Driver must be in control of truck at all times.

37. If you break a rule more than once,you will be kicked out for one year and a day. Alcohol included.

38. All competitors will be pumped and engines sealed. If you are in top the top three and dont have a seal you will be pumped.If you refuse the pump you will be disqualified.

39. The Council will deal with un-sportsmanlike conduct as needed. Anyone disrespectful to any volunteer helping with the event will be disqualified and not allowed to compete. ZERO TOLERANCE! 

40. Rules are subject to change without notice.

41. Only a WWTP council member can authorize a sled change.



WESTERN WISCONSIN TRUCK PULLERS reserves the right to pump any vehicle in that class that places. WESTERN WISCONSIN TRUCK PULLERS will also pump a vehicle at the request of 3 (three) pullers in that class. Protesting drivers will each put up $25 of which $30 will go to the "owner" of the pump. The balance going to the vehicle being pumped if found to be legal. If found not to be legal, the balance will be returned to the protesting drivers. The protest must be lodged at the end of the run before vehicle leaves the track and before the class pay out is made. In both cases, if the vehicle is found to be illegal or refuses to being pumped, the vehicle WILL BE DISQUALIFIED AND NO PAYOUT MADE. The vehicle also will not be allowed to compete at any future WESTERN WISCONSIN pulls until he or she agrees to being pumped!
WESTERN WISCONSIN TRUCK PULLERS is governed by the Executive Council, made up of appointed representatives from each of the classes. The council will address any or all concerns pertaining to the rules of WESTERN WISCONSIN TRUCK PULLERS.

If engine is pumped illegal and owner is adamant about the legality of said engine,western wisconsin will tear down engine and measure bore and stroke to determine engine legality