6200 lbs.

Trucks must have street legal tires. No bar or tractor tires. Tires must have D.O.T. numbers to be legal. Maximum of 35" tall.

Rims maximum of 15" wide

Must use only one carburetor.

Headers may protrude through the hood.

530 cubic inch limit on engine displacement.

Motor must match pickup make and be behind the stock grill location.

OEM truck frames only. No Tube Chassis. OEM frame does not have to match truck make. OEM Frame can be altered. The board reserves the right to use discretion on this rule.

No larger than Dana 70 front axle

Rear end must be mounted right to frame. (no springs).

133 in whl. base max.

Vehicles must use front Weight box wheels no more than 6 inches off the ground, within 6 inches of the forward-most part of the vehicle.

Weight box wheels must be a minimum of 6 inches in diameter by 2 inches wide.

Weight box wheels must support the weight of the vehicle.

Weight box wheels may be raised or removed for the purpose of ground clearance when vehicle is not on competition track.

Weight box wheels must be at least 3 feet apart.

Four motor mounts or torque chains required on motor.

Motor must be naturally aspirated.

Driver must wear a SFI fire suit (jacket and pants). No nitrous oxide or alcohol allowed.

May use military/commercial axles in rear only.

No less than 27% hitch, axle center to hook point. Please also refer to rules #5 and #6 in the General rules.