Points Standings

Keep up to date with all of the Members of Western Wisconsin Truck Pullers. Here you are able to track their point standings.

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2015 results:

1st   Shaun Voldberg 266 pts.
2nd   Joel Zimmerman 265 pts.
3rd   Mark Kelly   172 pts.
4th   Ben Loutsch 30 pts.
    St. Mod    
1st   Ken Nelson 297 pts.
2nd   Tony Horel 287 pts.
3rd   Joel Zimmerman 279 pts.
4th   Joe Smith   271 pts.
5th   Dan Horel   125 pts.
6th   Ben Loutsch 26 pts.
    Pro Stock    
1st   Josh Raffesberger 594 pts.
2nd   Tony Horel 583 pts.
3rd   Darin Schuster 556 pts.
4th   Dan Horel    399 pts.
5th   Rich Shelby 188 pts.
    Improved Stock  
1st   Matt Anderson 538 pts.
2nd   Tracy Anderson 524 pts.
3rd   Dave Ward 507 pts.
4th   Andy/Shane 369 pts.
5th   Dave Johnson 27 pts.
    4000 Open    
1st   Wes   177 pts.
2nd   Steve Yarington 172 pts.
2nd   Ed Arthur   172 pts.
3rd   Scott Jones 28 pts.